“(…) the aspect of mediating and sharing information flanks and prevails over the interest to document and preserve ephemeral forms of artistic communication.”  (Daniel Grúň)


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By accepting the terms of membership you become a part of a dynamic community of international researchers who exchange ideas on a regular basis. The constant exchange rests upon the upload of archival material, your own papers, topic-related essays etc. into our own database; the use of the database, as well as the networking of colleagues interested in the same academic fields. Members of the online community will be kept updated on the latest achievements in the research of actionism and intermedia art in the parallel culture of the Central-East-European countries. The platform www.2ndpublic.org is the first virtual collective that communicates and investigates the event-based art formats during and beyond Communism in the Eastern and Central European area. 

Requirements of membership

The network of www.2ndpublic.org pursues academic goals and is (primarily, but not exclusively) targeted at young researchers (MA and doctoral students, postdocs). The minimum requirement for joining this community is a basic interest in the overall theme of the project and a scholarly background in the arts and humanities. As mentioned above, all members will have (password-protected) access to the database of www.2ndpublic.org, the contents of which should be used fairly and serve academic purposes. In order to become a member, one should fill out a simple (online) registration form.

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