The conference THROUGH A FOREST WILDERNESS explores the existential dialogue between artists and the forest. It focuses especially on ephemeral works and actions.

Actions in the Forest. Performance, Conceptual Art, Events. 1960 - ?
Conference inPotsdam, 1 – 2 Sep 2017

Since the 1960s, conceptual, land and action artists throughout the world began an intensive, at times existential engagement with the natural environment outdoors. The forest in particular became an alternative space to established and commercial institutions. It was experienced with the body and involved in the creative process. Also a newly established ecological awareness played an important role. For artists in Central and Eastern Europe, forests became the scenery and sometimes only witness of their actions that were not tolerated in official cultural life. The conference THROUGH A FOREST WILDERNESS explores the existential dialogue between artists and the forest. It focuses especially on ephemeral works and actions. The conference takes place in the framework of an exhibition of the same name with works of performance, Fluxus, minimal and conceptual art from the 1960s until today.

Programm | Programme

1 September 2017
13.00 BKV: Begrüßung | Welcome address
Petra Stegmann (DOWN WITH ART!, Potsdam): Einführung | Introduction

I. Kunst und Natur in Mittel- und Osteuropa | Art and Nature in Central
and Eastern Europe

13.30 Sabine Hänsgen (Universität Zürich): Feld und Wald bei den
„Kollektiven Aktionen“ | Field and Forest in the “Collective Actions”
14.30 Pavlína Morganová (Akademie výtvarných umení, Prag): Der Baum in
der tschechischen Performancekunst | The Tree in Czech Performance Art.
Petr Štembera and Margita Titlová-Ylovsky
15.30 Künstlergespräch | Artist talk Petr Štembera (Prag)
16.30 Pause | Break
17.00 Angelika Richter (Berlin): „Metamorphosen eines Baumes“. Kunst
und Umwelt in der DDR | “Metamorphoses of a Tree“ Art and Environment
in the GDR
18.00 Maja Fowkes, Reuben Fowkes (Translocal Institute for Contemporary
Art, Budapest): Silviphilie in der Kunst Osteuropas | Silviphilia in
East European Art

2 September 2017
10.00 Einführung | Introduction

II. Konzeptkunst und Performance in Norwegen | Conceptual and
Performance Art in Norway
10.30 Ingvild Krogvig (Nasjonalmuseet, Oslo): Konzeptkunst in Norwegen
| Conceptual Art in Norway
11.30 Künstlergespräch | Artist talk Hilde Krohn Huse (London): Hanging
in the Woods: Manipulating and Being Manipulated
12.30 Pause |Break

III. Kunst und Ökologie | Art and Ecology
14.00 Performance Reiner Maria Matysik (Burg Giebichenstein
Kunsthochschule Halle): Implant. Die Pflanze in mir | Implant. The
Plant in Me
15.00 Adrienne Goehler (Berlin): Über die Kunst die Nachhaltigkeit mit
Entschleunigung und Grundeinkommen verbinden | Connecting Deceleration
and Basic Income through Art
16.00 Künstlergespräch | Artist talk Michael Saup (Berlin)
17.00 Pause | Break
17.30 Roundtable: Ausstellen in der Natur | Exhibiting Art in Nature

Veranstalter | Organiser

Konzeption | Concept
Petra Stegmann

Kooperationspartner und Tagungsort | Cooperation and venue
Brandenburgischer Kunstverein Potsdam  
Ausstellungspavillon auf der Freundschaftsinsel
14467 Potsdam

Anmeldung | Registration

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