“The research objective is to disrupt top-down accounts of Cold War cultural exchange and die-hard myths of monolithic developments taking place in isolation.” (Klara Kemp-Welch)

The Network

Through the increasing interest in and need for a comparative and coherent analysis of the neo-avant-garde´s event-based art in different regions of Central, East and Southeast Europe the research project Performing Arts in the Second Public Sphere was brought into being. Using the progressive tool of the World Wide Web our aim with this website is to ensure quick, straightforward and effective communication between international students, scholars, artists and researchers. Feel free to get in touch with the network – we would be glad to develop and discuss new ideas! 


This website provides an independent platform for a global discussion on European art scenes that, for the most part, developed in a marginalized “second public sphere”. Geopolitically, we are focusing on countries in which, in the course of the construction of state socialist regimes during the Cold War, all forms of artistic autonomy came at the price of not being allowed to network and had to be achieved parallel to a controlled form of communication that was in conformity with the system.




Through our common interest in East-Central-European Neo-Avant-Garde’s event-based and intermedia art we came together and developed the idea of building a research network with other people interested in the same topic. Become acquainted with us through reading our short profiles.