First Name:Lina
Last Name:Michelkevičė
Affiliation:Vilnius Academy of Arts
Research Interests:
  • Action Art
  • Body Art
  • Happening
  • Archives / Archiving
  • Public Art
  • Event
  • Other
Important publications:Lina Michelkevičė. Starting from the School: Contemporary Art Projects Involving Educational Institutions. // Acta Academiae Artium Vilnensis, Vol. 84: Education in, for and through Art, Vilnius Academy of Arts Press, 2017, pp. 117–140, ISSN 1392-0316; 84. Lina Michelkevičė, Vytautas Michelkevičius. Unwritten Histories of Extinct Media Art in Lithuania: From the 2000s of Great Promise to the Multidirectional 2010s // Acoustic Space, Vol. 15: Open Fields: Art and Science Research Practices in the Network Society, RIXC Center for New Media Culture, Riga and Art Research Lab (MPLab) of Liepaja University, Liepaja, 2016, pp. 70-83; ISSN: 1407-2858. Lina Michelkevičė, “Pro-test Lab: Constituting Public Space through Col-laborative Strategy”, in Logos, 2013, No. 74, pp. 199–212. ISSN 0868-7692. Lina Michelkevičė, “«Про-тест лаборатория»: стратегия сотрудничества и учреждение публичного пространства”, in Art Aktivist, June–September 2013: Некоторые актуальные дискуссии о городском пространстве: искусство, архитектура и политические конфигурации [online publica-tion]: va-i-uchrezhdenie-publichnogo-prostranstva/ Lina Michelkevičė, “Comrades-in-arms, Accomplices, Companions: Collabo-rative Trends in Lithuanian Contemporary Art”, in Lithuanian Art 2000–2010: Ten Years (Linara Dovydaitytė et al., eds.), Vilnius: CAC, 2010, pp. 150–157, ISBN: 978-9986-957-46-1.