First Name:Natalia
Last Name:Pazio
Affiliation:eastern neo-avantagardes, philosophy, literature studies, politics
Position:writing master
Research Interests:
  • Body Art
  • Conceptual Art
  • Happening
  • Land Art
  • Exhibtion Practice
  • Archives / Archiving
  • Public Art
  • Event
  • Intermedia Art
  • Experimental Art
  • Gender
  • Installation
  • Video Installation
  • Intermedia Installation
  • Embodiment
  • Other
Important publications:I haven´t published my work yer, but I will publish some interesting and valuable material in and on my blog. Right after it I will insert some links here. Papers are about: - archiving practices of performance - on metaphor and cartography - on Strzemiński and his totalizing ideas of modernist architecture - on Lacanian movie theory - on woman performance in Yugoslavia in comparison with Poland similar practices (master´s degree)